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In every photographer there was a painter, a true artist, awaiting expression. - Pablo Picasso


We live in an age when we have so many tools at our disposal to create art of all kinds.  I come from a family of painters on both sides.  I have a painting in my dining room that was painted by my great-grandmother and I've loved it since it came into my possession. It is a painting of a mountain behind a forest and a lake and I know she put so much effort into it. I have a deep reverence for the traditional painting arts and I have tried my hand at it, but my love has always been photography.  


A few years ago, I took an online class at CreativeLive from Brooke Shaden.  She's a conceptual artist who employs painterly techniques to create gorgeous works of art.  Her class opened my eyes to a new way to blend my love of photography with painting in Photoshop.  It's difficult to find elements that will give my work the look I want, though, so when I heard of the website, Unsplash, I was shocked there were so many photographers donating their works to be used by artists like myself in an effort to further modern art in digital painting. 


Last weekend, I spent too much time on Unsplash, liking and downloading images in a whirlwind of creativity. In my mind I was already assembling them.  I took three images from Unsplash, with some free brushes and overlays also found online to create the piece below.  I get such joy form expressing myself creatively, even if it isn't from scratch.  Maybe it's my ADD, but I find it very satisfying to have a piece like this finished in one day. 




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