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February 17, 2017  •  1 Comment

"Adventure is worthwhile in itself"

- Amelia Earhart


Last week when I did the piece of my son riding a wolf, he said I should do one of his little sister riding an elephant.  Her bedroom is decorated with elephants, she has a little elephant riding toy and several elephant stuffed animals, so it just makes sense to do one of her riding one.  It took me some time to decide how I really wanted the piece to look and to find a stock image of an elephant that I really loved, too. My little girl is such an adventurer.  She's always climbing things and exploring the world around her.  I think she just may go to India someday to ride an elephant!  I took one of her photos from her ten month session and I think the result is pretty great!   What do you think of my piece?  I'd love to hear your opinion in the comments. 





Beatiful! :D Great idea :D
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