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August 03, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Day two of the 15 Day Creative Challenge has the theme of Emotions and the challenge to not show a face.  I started one piece this morning and decided I didn't think it really fit the challenge, so I started a new one.  In the midst of it, I spent too much time online, feeding my information overload addiction.  I thought about what this image I was creating was supposed to mean.  

I didn't start it with a clear direction except that it evoked emotion in me.  But why?  Did it resonate with my introversion and need to be alone?  Did it symbolize wanting to be in the light but being afraid to go there?  Was it the sadness that comes with being truly alone?  

After taking some time leaning back in the recliner with an eye mask on and just mulling over the workbook Brooke sent out and all the things that she encourages in it that I felt it - the intense knot just behind my forehead - the prefrontal cortex.  I get this feeling - a slight headache - after stressing and spending too much time collecting information online (thanks, Facebook!).  I have this innate need to feel connected with others, but in my introverted way and Facebook fits that all too well.  

My little break had me curious about my headache and I did a Google search on "prefrontal cortex overload", which did indeed bring up articles on what I was feeling.  I knew that was what this image really symbolizes.  The pain that comes with trying to keep up with everything and stressing about things that don't really matter.  I need to restrict my time on my phone more and let my brain have a break.   So here is my image for Day 2: Faceless Emotion:

Faceless EmotionFaceless EmotionIn the darkness I hide, avoiding the pain that attention brings. I need to be stronger, to thrive in the light, but feels impossible.


Model is Faestock Jessica Truscott.


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