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Today's theme in the 15 Day Content Creation Challenge with Brooke Shaden was "Spellbound" with the challenge to "Use warm light".  I already had an idea in my head when I went to bed that I would get up and go to my yard and shoot a self portrait at dawn.  So had not read what Brooke had intended when she put this out there.  Every day she sends an e-mail at 5am to inspire us and get us motivated for the day.  She's on the west coast, so I wouldn't get the e-mail until 8am and even then I was busy cleaning my koi pond after I did my self portraits (I was already dirty, so I figured I'd be productive before I took a shower).

Her intention was for us to communicate what we love in our work today. What "spellbinds" us.  Being a fan of fantasy, I took the theme a little too literally and did an image of me actually being spellbound.  Trapped in a frozen bubble and unable to escape with only my own warm light from within to warm me.

Maybe I really do feel that way when "spellbound". I get trapped by an idea or emotion and unable to break free from it.  When slighted by a person, the feeling of betrayal consumes me and I'm trapped in self talk and "what ifs" in my head.  Should I confront the person?  Would it make it better?  I HATE confrontation, but letting something go that hurts me to my very core just can't be ignored, right?

Even the positive emotions can consume me.  So consumed by the love I have for a person, I overlook their faults, even major ones, just to be with them.  But then being consumed in that love when I'm with that person makes it so much more special.  The warm feeling in my heart that feels like it could set me aflame. I think that's what people love to be in love.  It just feels so wonderful! 

So, in a way, this piece signifies how I feel when truly spellbound.  Like I'm trapped within the emotion and unable to escape.  Sometimes it's a bad thing and sometimes not.  It just depends on the situation.  I'd have to say this challenge so far has had me spellbound!  I've never felt so motivated to get up and work each day.  I just love knowing that I'm going to create something new and it really feels like I have more purpose in my life than the everyday grind I've been living! I hope you like this image.  Let me know what spellbinds you!


Stock is from Pixabay. 


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