Time - Cinderella Themed Book Cover | Atlanta Fine Art Photographer

August 08, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Even though I'm doing the 15 Day Content Creation Challenge, I'm also trying to keep up with a book cover contest on DeviantArt. I had submitted my image from yesterday to it, but the owner of the contest wanted me to use one of her model images.  I started to just replace the model I had in yesterday's image, but decided that my time would be better spent just creating something new that would also contribute to the 15 Day challenge. 

Today's theme is time with the challenge to use inspiration from a painting.  I Googled and looked at a ton of different images, mostly Dali's famous works, but I didn't want to be constricted to that, so I started looking at other media - including The Last Unicorn's scene where they escape through the clock (that has so many elements that it would take far too long to create in one day) and then I thought of Cinderella and the live action movie that Disney did a few years ago.  For that movie, Annie Leibovitz (one of my favorite photographers) did this composite image featuring Scarlett Johannson.  That is the image that inspired me, so I collected the stock I wanted to use and created this piece.  

 Model is from Cathleen Tarawhiti, Castle and clock overlay from Pixabay, Night sky is from private share in Tara Lesher's Education Facebook Group. 


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