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August 15, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Content Creation Challenge Day 14 - Theme: Flight - Challenge: Create Wings

Because I created an image where I was flying yesterday, I spent time this morning thinking about today's challenge.  I read a few poems and pondered the kind of image I wanted to create.  I was inspired to go back into my archive and use images of birds I shot around 10 years ago, as well as an image of a tree I took while I was in Hawaii.  

A self portrait wasn't something I was interested in doing today, since I knew I would have a lot of work compositing and I had already found a stock image by Jessica Truscott that I really loved and fit my idea perfectly.  It took quite a while to get everything looking mostly cohesive, though I do think I could learn a bit more on blending with the skin.  

My inspiration comes from the mythological creature - the harpy.  Though it typically is considered an evil creature, it is shown as being more attractive in modern art than in the historical version of a bird with a woman's head.  They would lure men to their nests or snatch them from the roads if they wandered too close.

 The challenge will be completed tomorrow and I can truly say that this has been a wonderful learning experience for me!

The HarpyThe HarpyAt times I must wear a mask, concealing the person I am inside. Such is the fear that comes with social anxiety. You can't see the real me. If you did, you wouldn't like me.


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